Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What ARE they thinking?

Smallest Minority featured this unhinged rant from Susan Estrich. You may remember her; she was the advisor who ran the victorious 1988 Dukakis campaign.

Susan is mad. Very, very mad. She's vowing that the Democrats are going to really get mean with George Bush. She's hinting that there will soon be all sorts of seamy allegations and smears against the President, because the Republicans have gone waaay too far this time with their negative advertising and John Kerry-bashing. She has vowed to "never again" allow the Eeeevil Republicans to besmirch the reputation of a good liberal the way they trashed poor Mikey Dukakis.

I wonder if Ms. Estrich has calmed down enough to consider the impact of her ambitions. Does she really think that unsubstantiated allegations of cocaine use twenty years or so ago will turn Americans against George Bush? If so, she's more deluded and unhinged than I thought.

Susan, take note. The Willie Horton ad was not effective because it was a smear, it was effective because it was true, and it showed a completed lack of judgement on the part of Dukakis. Similarly, the Swift Vet ads are so effective because they reveal a side of John Kerry that everyone knows is there but are reluctant to confront. It's not because they are sensational. It's because they are true.

I know I shouldn't be trying to talk Democrats from completely blowing their chances this fall. But Susie Estrogen, er Estrich, should remember the 1998 GOP congressional campaigns, with their complete emphasis on Monica Lewinsky. Simply throwing mud at your opponent won't win elections. People want to have something to vote for, rather than vote against. And until John Kerry gives Americans a reason to vote for him, they aren't going to vote against Bush.


At 10:38 AM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

Sounds kind of like Palestinian threats after another Israeli air strike. So the Democrats are REALLY going to get mean with George Bush. What, after MoveOn.org adds comparing him to Hitler and Mikey Moore-on's Fahrenheit 9/11 schlock-u-mentary, what else could they do? They have already "gone nuke" on George Bush and don't have anything else that they can use against him. But, for the Republicans, they have two whole months to dig up dirt on John "War Hero" Kerry. The SBVT ads just started the ball rolling. Just wait until the debates get here.


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