Friday, September 03, 2004

The Great El-ahrairah's Links

Since the Cap'n was able to post his favorite links on the Warren, the Great El-ahrairah wanted to do the same. So after whining and moaning to the Cap'n how to do it (Oh the shame! An uber-techno-geek such as myself being reduced to asking his non-techie dweeb brother how to do things on the net!), he finally gave me enough info so that I could figure it out myself and not cause too many issues by having my "techie-ness" called into question. Anyway, if you scroll down to our list of links, I have added a list of my links to the page. These are not all of them since the Cap'n included some links that I read regularly (Steyn, USS Clueless, Blackfive, Siflay Hraka) and I don't want to duplicate links.

Blame Bush! I included this link "Because Bush is to Blame for Everything!" It uses satire to show the absurity of liberal attacks against President Bush. Always a good laugh.

Mad Ogre. The Cap'n got me reading this blog. He's a gun nut from Utah and that's good enough for me. And like me, he thinks that Italian actress Monica Belluci is hot (if you don't know who she is, watch The Matrix Reloaded/The Matrix Revolutions or Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis).

The StrategyPage. Military news, military intelligence, military history and military jokes, bref, everything military. A good page if you want to know more about the war in Iraq other than the "doom and gloom", 24-hour Abu Ghraib coverage that the "unbiased" news media decide to tell us.

Free Market Fairy Tales. A British page that I like to read,not because he likes guns (a good reason by itself), but because I like his feature that recounts British military history thru the ages by the telling of stories of the battlefield heroism of British soldiers and sailors.

Michelle Malkin. I just started reading her blog not too long ago. She's a conservative that I have seen a few times on the "idiot box". I don't think the photo on her blog does her justice.

Ann Coulter. I like satire and I read Ann Coulter because she says those things that I think, but that I'm not able to put into words.

As I said before, I also read Mark Steyn (because I like satire), the USS Clueless (because I like his discussions on technical and political subjects), Blackfive (because he blogs lots of stuff from the military and I like the military) and Siflay Hraka (the one that started it all). So these are the links that the Great El-ahrairah reads most everyday and that contribute to what you read here on this blog.


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