Friday, September 03, 2004

Democratic response or "unbiased" news coverage?

As the Great El-ahrairah was reading the Yahoo! news on the Internet, I ran across this Democratic response to President Bush's speech disguised as news coverage. Go read for yourself, but while reading, keep asking yourself if the AP reporter would have written the same "news story" if the President had been a Democrat.

As I recall, whenever a Democrat talks, the major news media are rather slow in "fact checking"(if they do it at all). For example, who was it that pointed out that John "the War Hero" Kerry's war story (What's the difference between a John Kerry war story and a fairy tale? One starts out "Once upon a time...." and the other starts out "F****n' A, there I was in Vietnam on my Swift Boat......") about spending Christmas in Cambodia in 1968 was a complete fabrication? It wasn't CNN or ABC or CBS, that's for sure.

Liberals can complain about Fox News being "biased", but when your world view is so far to the left that Marxists and Fidel Castro look like moderates, what else would you expect them to say? Remember, an "unbiased" news report for a liberal is what Pravda used to serve up everyday in the bad old days of the Soviet Union. And they accuse conservatives of wearing blinders.


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