Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Note to Canada: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

The powerful but underachieving Czech hockey team is back. And how.

The 6-1 shellacking of the Swedish hockey team, arguably the best (until now) in the European pool, can only be described as a huge upset. Not because the Czechs won, but because they won in such convincing fashion, shutting down the most explosive offensive team in the tournament. Not many teams can beat the Swedes in Stockholm; even fewer can blow them out of the building.

Beating the Swedes in Stockholm is roughly equivalent to beating the Canadians in Toronto. Which, ironically, is where the Czechs will likely play the Canadians on Saturday (Canada still must beat Slovakia). If they do, I'm predicting a big upset. Canada is walking right into a buzz saw.

Be afraid, Canadians. Be very afraid.


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