Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to the real world, Obama

Soon-to-be President Obama is suddenly finding out the difference between the world the presidential campaign and the world where we all live. Case in point, he is now starting to backpedal on his promise to shudown Gitmo within the first 100 days in office. Although he still says that closing the base in 100 days is his goal, he is now saying that "our legal teams are working in consultation with our national security apparatus as we speak to help design exactly what we need to do", which is "politicalspeak" for "Hey, I know I said 100 days, but now, reality is setting in and maybe I was a bit too quick to open my mouth". Welcome to the real world, Obama. If it had easy to shutdown the place, don't you think President Bush would have done it a long time ago?

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