Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Et Tu, Jerry?

Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, the current California Attorny General, has decided that doing his job and representing the interests of the people of California is to hard, so he has decided to jump on the "Prop. 8 is unconstituional" bandwagon and argue that it should be overturned before the California Supreme Court. Well, what would you have expected him to do anyway? He's a liberal and you can't trust a liberal to do their job or even the right thing.

His reasoning is rather novel, in a "Catch 22" so of way. Since the right to marry is a, according to him, a "fundamental right", the constitution of California does not allow "fundamental rights" to be removed by the amendment process.

Ergo, in general, the way to change the constitution of the state of California is by amendment, except when removing a "fundamental right". Therefore, if the Supreme Court of California deems that beastiality is a "fundamental right" (don't laugh, they are loopy enough to do that), then any laws against beastiality are unconstitutional and you cannot change that in the constitution even by the amendment process. So, no matter what the issue, if the un-elected members of the California Supreme Court, through their wiz-dumb deem that something is a "fundamental right", you cannot change it. Right now, California is having problems balancing it's budget because in order to raise taxes, you need a 2/3 majority in the state legislature to raise taxes thanks to another amendment to the state constitution, Prop. 13. When are members of the going to declare paying taxes a "fundamental right" and invalidate this amendment?

Whatever the outcome, this will probably hit the US Supreme Court and the moral of the story is to get out of California as soon as possible since the place is run by idiots.

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