Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Reflections on a moment in history

Since everyone else is doing it, I'll give my reflections on this moment in history. The MSM and everyone else is saying that this is a momentous occasion in history and they are right. America has elected the most unqualified, light-weight, left-wing candidate in it's history all in the name of diversity. How stupid can we be.

Anyway, for all his flaws, during President Bush's terms in office, I was pretty well certain that he would kill terrorists and try to avoid stealing my money. Unfortunately, I doubt that Obama will do either.

Over at the Wizbang, there is a post about how the election of Obama is eerily similar to the election of Jimmah Cah-tah in 1976. I have thought the same also (especially how President Ford was very unpopular and how Iran was starting to cause problems) but this post explains it much better. What was that old saying? Those who cannot remember history are destined to repeat it? I guess we'll see what the next four years brings.

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