Sunday, August 31, 2008

Senator McCain reads the Warren

Now that Big Mac has chosen his vice president, it's time for some El-ahrairah "I told you so". Way back in July, I blogged about how Gov. Palin would be a better pick for VP than Utah's favorite son, Mitt Romney. Either he reads the Warren or he had this up his sleeve all along, but either way, the Republican base is energized much more than if he had picked Mitt. Sorry Mitt, never a bride, always a bridesmaid.

Anyway, his pick of Gov. Palin also essentially took the wind out of The Chosen One's sails. Thursday night was his "big" speech and everyone expected that it would dominate the news for the next few days into the start of the Republican convention. If Big Mac had chosen someone lke Romney or Pawlenty, this would have probably been the case. But, with him selecting Gov. Palin, everyone has forgotten about The Chosen One's speech and are talking about a former beauty queen from Alaska who hunts and fishes and has five children, one of whom is in the military and is headed to Iraq and another who has Down's Syndrome. Obama gave a speech to 80,000+ people? When was that? Last month in Europe?

What was looking like the election which would have destroyed the Repulican party is now looking like the Democrats snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. The Republican base is fired up, feminists are in a quandry and Obama has stopped writing his inauguration speech and is wondering what happened. It's a great day to be a Republican.

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