Monday, December 08, 2008

What if there was a boycott than nobody noticed?

To show just how important gays are to the US economy (therefore, we should let them marry), this Wednesday will be national "Call in Gay" day. On that day, gays everywhere are urged to not go to work and not spend any money so all us uncaring, religious bigots can see what happens if gays don't show up for work and don't spend any money (so you better let us marry or else!). I say let them do their boycott. Except for certain large cities on both coasts of the US, it will go unnoticed in the rest of the country. Of course, it will be hailed as a complete and total success by gay activists and be reported as such by the MSM which will show everyone else just how many gays there really are in the US (not many) and just how much clout they really have in the rest of the country (not much). This is just another loopy way of protesting what liberals can't get at the ballot box. Darn you uncaring, religious bigots!

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