Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm back!!!!

Due to problems with internet access and my birthday, I've been sort of out of the loop for a few days. Our non-military internet access went down for about a week, so I haven't been able to do anything worthwhile (military internet is notoriously blocked for EVERYTHING!). I also went to Malta for by birthday. Nice island. Beautiful beaches. Lots of Brits/Italians/Scanda-whovians/Germans. Lots of hot women (don't tell my Sainted Wife that I said that). Speak English and/or Italian. Reminds me of Cyprus. Unfortunately, our hotel was located in discoteque central, so we were treated to disco music all night long. It also rained the day that we wanted to go schnorkelling, but, we will probably go back. It's only a hop, skip and a jump from Sicily and you waste more time at the airport waiting to board the flight than the length of the flight.

Anyway, just a few quick thoughts:

1) The Z-man was able to get his 72 virgins, thanks to two 500 lb special delivery packages from the US military. I hope his death was very painful and he is now burning in hell. Remember boys and girls, the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

2) The US got hammered by the Czechs. Oops, stuff like that happens. The Italians are already planning ahead to the second round. I hope that spanking woke up the US team into realizing that they are much better than that. If it had the desired effect, I wouldn't want to be the Azzurri on Saturday night. I predict 2-1 for the US.

3) No Fitz-mas this year. I thought it was interesting that this came out on the front page. I guess this along with the President's studly visit to Iraq was a real kick-in-the-crotch for the Defeato-crats.

4) The President's visit to Iraq. What a stud! It's always good to kick the Defeato-crats when they are down. The only thing the party of cut-n-run had to say was to start whining about withdrawing troops, yet again. I think the President should keep up the presure on the Defeato-crats and start hitting them hard on being the party of negativism. Point out at every opportunity that whatever the situation, the Defeato-crats will find something to complain about. Like I have always said, there are people on this planet who are never happy and will complain about everything. Give them $1000 dollars and they will complain that it wasn't $2000. Give them $2000 and they will complain that it wasn't $1000.


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