Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fitzmas isn't coming this year

Now that it's clear that Karl "Darth" Rove isn't going to be indicted in the bogus Valerie Plame investigation, let's go into the WayBack Machine and see what Captain Holly said about the prospects of a Happy Fitzmas:

I'll just go out on a limb and say there won't be any indictments. Period. Fitzgerald might issue a statement tsk-tsking the White House's behavior, but other than that, it'll be a wash.

Why? I don't know, just a gut feeling. But if Fitzgerald is as "meticulous" and "tough" and "non-partisan" as the lovestruck media say he is, I doubt he'll risk his name and reputation by turning what is essentially a partisan debate over Iraq into a criminal case. Unfortunately, once he fails to announce indictments he'll suddenly become a sinister pawn in an Evil Rovian Cover-up, so either way he's going to have headaches.

I was partly wrong: To save face with his liberal friends, Fitzgerald indicted Scooter Libby for essentially not telling him the exact thing every time he was interviewed. I predict that charge will either be thrown out or dropped, or Libby will be acquitted. We'll see.


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