Friday, May 05, 2006

A story "ripped" from The Jerry Springer Show

Here's an actual "love story" that sounds like it was ripped from The Jerry Springer Show and of course, it had to happen in Utah.

Husband A legally marries Wife A. Later, Husband A and Wife A decide that it would be really cool to live as polygamists, so Husband A divorces Wife A (now called Divorced-Wife A) and legally marries Wife B and the three of them live together in "perfect harmony".

A few years later, Wife B dies and Husband A takes another plural wife, Plural-Wife C, but does not marry her legally. Still, life is just hunky-dory for Husband A, Divorced-Wife A and Plural-Wife C.

Husband A has a friend, Polygamist-Friend D. Polygamist-Friend D has the hots for British-Tart E and wants her to become one of his plural wives. Unfortunately, British-Tart E cannot stay in the country unless she legally marries a US citizen. Polygamist-Friend D is already legally married to another woman, so as a favor to Polygamist-Friend D, Husband A secretly marries British-Tart E legally so that she can stay in the country without telling Divorced-Wife A (although Plural-Wife C knew about it). Polygamist-Friend D and British-Tart E go off and live happily together with Polygamist-Friend D's other wifes.

Now comes the "fun" part. Husband A dies and Divorced-Wife A decides to have herself declared as Husband A's common-law wife so that she can inherit his estate. Hilarity ensues when Divorced-Wife A is told that Husband A is already legally married to British-Tart E and ergo, British-Tart E is his legal heir. Oops!

Doesn't this sound like a Jerry Springer episode? The only thing missing is a transvestite and a trailer park.


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