Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 in Review

I remembered that a year ago on this date I posted my goals for the New Year:

Bag at least 3 peaks
Hike at least once a month
Fish at least once a month
Go shooting at least once a month
Play hockey for at least 12 weeks
Go on a nice winter vacation with wife
Go on a nice anniversary getaway with wife
Take my wife out once a month
Go deer hunting with my son
Have a family activity at least once a month
Go to the Grand Canyon for the family vacation
Exercise more regularly
Keep within our budget

Oh, yes, and try to blog at least once a week.

Looking them over, I feel pretty good about it; I was able to keep most of them (other than staying within my budget). So this next year, my resolutions will be pretty much the same, except that I will try and do more hiking and shooting. This year is also the year I plan to go on a big deer hunting expedition with my son to Idaho.

The year 2005 was eventful for our family but for some reason nothing stands out in my mind right now. I'd rather look ahead to 2006 and all the great things that will hopefully happen this year.

Happy New Year!


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