Monday, February 07, 2005

My Iraqi home away from home.....

I was reading some posts at Bigwig's blog (the one who started it all) and stumbled onto a picture of my "Iraqi home away from home" where I cooled my heels during the summer of 2003 after the invasion.

Saddam built the Al-Faw Palace to commemorate his victory at the town of Al-Faw (duh!) on the Al-Faw pennisula over the Persians during the Iraq-Iran War. In all actuality, he lost it to the Iranians first and then was able to retake it just before the end of the war. Anyway, the palace came thru the war in most one piece. The whole compound where the palace is located came thru in one piece. We just bombed the Special Republican Guard barracks, the building that housed the air conditioning for the palace, a bridge to the palace and sent a JDAM thru the window of a house where Qusay or Uday was supposed to have stayed. All in all, it was a pretty nice place. Unfortunately, when I go back, I won't be staying there. I'll be somewhere else.


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