Thursday, February 03, 2005

The goose that laid the golden egg

This via Michele Malkin. Apparently, the Blogosphere's favorite gay "conservative", Andrew Sullivan, is going on a blog hiatus for a few months. At one time (during the war), I used to read Mr. Sullivan's blog, but since he always seemed more interested in promoting his lifestyle than being conservative, I stopped. However, I do remember him making his tele-evangelist plea a la Jim Bakker/Orel Roberts/Jimmy Swaggert, begging for money so that he could keep his blog running. I guess he was so successful at "duping" enough people to cough up the cash that he has decided to take that "exotic" European/Middle Eastern vacation. Hey Andrew, I have some advice for you. Europe and the Middle East in the winter isn't all that "exotic". You might as well wait until the spring/summer.

Anyway, that got the Great El-ahrairah thinking. If Andrew can do it, why can't I? All I need to do is post a PayPal button on The Warren website and Presto!, the money will start rolling in to the Great El-ahrairah Early Retirement Fund. Then, in a few months, I can put out a sad-but-resigned-to-my-lot post about how I'm going on a blog hiatus so I can go on a well-deserved vacation to Tahiti (Fiji? Hawaii?) and get away from the daily grind of blogging. Oh yes, and write that long-overdue book about, um, Belly-Button Lint and the Proletariat, yada, yada, yada, ad nauseum, etc. I just have to figure out a way to keep Captain Holly's worthless furry paws out of the "cookie jar" for this to work. If not, he'll probably vacuum up all the cash and buy some "gunz" or something "redneck" like that.

We can all give thanks to Saint Andrew of Lavender for he has shown us in the Blogosphere/Internet the way to financial independence and wealth. It's the goose that laid the golden egg.


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