Sunday, January 30, 2005

Victory has a thousand fathers...

History was made today.

If the toppling of Saddam's statue was the equivalent to the fall of the Berlin Wall, today's vote in Iraq is the equivalent to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Twenty years from now, we will be talking about this pivotal moment in world history as if everyone knew what was going to happen and supported it at the time. For example, it's hard today to find someone who thinks President Reagan was wrong when he proposed a massive military buildup to confront the Soviet Union.

But I remember those "dissident voices", and there were alot of them. And like today, they ran the Democrat Party and the MainStreamMedia.

The success of the Iraqi vote will change the coverage of the war provided by the still-liberal-and-clueless MSM. They will either move on to other subjects that provide greater Bush-bashing potential (Social Security, anyone?) or they will move the goalposts and continue to claim things are no better than when Saddam's thugs were cutting out people's tongues. Instapundit has a great series of examples. And don't miss this column by Mark Steyn.

Or there will be some like Andrew "weathervane" Sullivan, who will continue to try and do both while at the same time claiming he has always been a supporter of the Iraqi invasion. If you can figure Sully out, you're a smarter man, er, person (sorry Rosemary, Meg) than I am.

One wag pointed out that if every Frenchmen who said he was part of the Resistance actually did fight the Germans, then there would have been no one left to collaborate. In a few years you will be hard-pressed to find someone who thought the Iraqi invasion was a bad idea. Reality has a way of convincing people they're wrong.

Getting them to admit it is another thing altogether.


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