Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Great El-ahrairah's Election Predictions

Since CBS news can "make up" 1970's era military records, I found these predicitions for this election in my military records. I never knew that military records were so important.

I predict that Bush will win 52.9% of the popular vote and 291 electorial votes. Kerry will win 44.9 % of the popular vote and 247 electorial votes. Nader will win 2.2% of the popular vote. Bush will win Ohio, Florida, New Jersey and Hawaii, but will loose Pennsylvania, Oregon and Wisconsin. Kerry will take the Left, er West Coast and the Eastern seaboard from Maryland north. We will also take all the northern states which border Canada except Alaska, Ohio, North Dakota, Montana and Idaho. Bush will take all the rest and the entire South.

As for the state of Utah, I predict that the Republicans will win everywhere. The Democrats will not win one statewide race. I also predict that the gay marriage amendment to the Utah Constitution will pass by just over 70%. Opponents will however spin this as a loss since they expected it to pass by around 80%.


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