Monday, July 02, 2007

Hit it out of the park, he did!

My son took the ACT about a month ago. Earlier this year we bought a Barron's study guide for him to prepare with, since it definitely helped me when I took the GRE. He didn't do too well on the first practice test -- scoring only a 21 composite -- but he raised his scores after studying each individual section. Still, we were just hoping for him to get a good enough score on the real test to be able to enroll in my Alma Mater without any hassle.

(Explanation: Even though he is doing well taking home study courses from BYU Independent Study, there still is a heavy pro-Publik Skool bias when it comes to admitting homeschooled students. Weber State, for example, will take a graduate of the Socialized Education System with just a composite score of 18; a homeschooler needs a 24 to get in. For some reason, a Publik Skooler with an 18 is somehow smarter and better prepared for college than a homeschooler with a higher score, even though they took the same test. Go figure.)

When I looked through the book I was surprised at how difficult the questions were; they seemed like the stuff I saw in the GRE. Well, I guess I was right, because he not only got high enough scores for Weber, he beat his Old Man. We got the same composite scores (26), but he got a 31 on his reading and a 24 on his math sections, much better than I did. His worst score was 22 in the English section, but that was due to the fact he ran out of time and didn't answer 7 questions (roughly 10% of the total). Had he scored what he did on the pre-test he would have gotten a composite of about 27 or 28.

So yeah, we're proud of him here. Plus now he qualifies for a good student discount on his auto insurance (another product of Publik Skool bias, since they don't count his BYU course grades).

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