Saturday, January 27, 2007

Big Al conveniently ignores the facts

The inventor of the Internet and all-around environ-mental wacko, "Big Al" Gore, has released a "documentary" based on his book (of fiction) call "An Inconvenient Truth" and /*Gomer Pyle voice on*/ Surprise, Surprise! /*Gomer Pyle voice off*/ it got nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category.

This post from the National Review's Corner talks about his trip to Denmark that he took to "save the planet". What I liked best was this link to a website which debunks his film, "An Inconvenient Truth". Maybe it should have been nominated for an Oscar as Best Fiction Masquerading as a Documentary. I don't know if I should go out on a limb here, but, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that his film will win the Oscar. Anyone want to take that bet?


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