Friday, January 26, 2007

Okay, Geniuses, what should we do now?

Today's Deseret News contained a smug article from several BYU professors boasting how they predicted back in 2003 that Iraq would turn out to be a quagmire and an abject failure.

Setting aside their contention that the Iraq War is a "failure", the article reminded me of why no one likes Monday-Morning Quarterbacks: As the saying goes, when you're up to your ass in alligators, it's not time to starting whining about how someone should have listened to you and drained the swamp.

Of course, like all anti-war pundits who have recently said "I-told-you-so", these six Wise, Brilliant Savants offer no vision or strategy other than...the one proposed by President Bush. According to the article, "the professors agree America should remain in Iraq until the region is stable."

Wow. So other than giving these eggheads a chance to masturbate their considerable egos, what did this article accomplish?

I've got an idea: How about they put their Superior Intellects together and offer what they think is a realistic, viable strategy for victory in Iraq? Or, if they think victory is impossible, how about giving their ideas for a realistic, viable strategy for withdrawing from Iraq? I mean, since they've demonstrated how much smarter they are than everyone else, they can at least provide us with a roadmap for the future. That way, we can worship their intelligence and foresight another four years from now.

Apparently, they aren't up to that, because as one put it: "We don't have analogies here," Hyer said. "This isn't Vietnam. This isn't Korea. This isn't World War II. This isn't Lebanon. Every step ahead is a step into the dark."

I stand in awe.


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