Sunday, July 10, 2005

Still another example of Publik Skool idiocy

The schools are now teaching seminars on Harry Potter.

For one, I don't have much time for JK Rowling and her interminable series. Not that I don't read; I just enjoy history or science books instead (I'm currently reading "Roadside Geology of Utah"). However, lest anyone think we are unsophsticated rubes here at the Holly house, my son and wife have eagerly devoured the entire series.

But now we have the unseemly spectacle of a Utah school teacher organizing what in effect is a giant Trekkie, or rather, "Pottie" convention, complete with magic and herbs and other such decidedly non-scientific nonsense. All of it because the Harry Potter series are apparently the only books kids will read nowadays. Most kids of my generation read comic books, but no teacher back then would have been caught dead sponsoring seminars on "The Justice League".

I suppose as a summertime activity, reading Harry Potter and pretending to be apprentice wizards are much more preferable to watching TV and hanging out at the mall. Still, this is a tacit admission of the failure of Publik Edjukashun Systum. If you have to get kids interested in chemistry by pretending to make magic potions, then you've lost the battle. You're entertaining, not teaching. It's no wonder our Skools continue to produce mediocrity, because they apparently don't understand the difference between the two.


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