Tuesday, July 20, 2004

And he wants to be the vice president

Senator John "Ambulance Chaser" Edwards likes to brag about how his time serving in the Senate on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but my hometown newspaper (not quite, but close enough), the Deseret News, has an interesting article describing exactly how much time he actually spent doing his job.  OK, take a guess.  75%?  60%?  50%?  Try 33% before he decided to run for president.  Since he started running for president, it has natually gotten worse.  I guess the only reason that his presence is required is to block President Bush's judicial nominees.  I wonder how much time he would spend on the job if elected vice-president.  Not much if this is any indicator, except to make some bogus "symbolic" vote.  I guess the people of North Carolina don't care too much about getting their money's worth from their national representatives.


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