Monday, July 19, 2004

See, the Great El-ahrairah told you so.........

Well, that didn't take too long to "pop-out" (just like Janet Jackson's nipple). Former Clinton adminstration National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, is being "probed" for removing classified documents and notes from a secure room during preparations for the "bi-partisan" (read: Democratic) Sept. 11 commision hearings.  As I blogged previously here, the whole raison d'etre (Cool. French. I'm an intellectual.) for this commission is to pin the blame for Sept. 11 on President Bush and hide anything incriminating that the Clinton administration may have done.  And what better way of doing that than have the former Clinton administration National Security Advisor (who obviouosly knows where all the bodies are buried) hide all the evidence.
In yet another angle that was pointed out by Stefan from That Liberal Media (Thanks to Michelle Malkin) is that Sandy Berger is an "informal" advisor to John "the Gigolo" Kerry.  Apparently he is "informing" him on more than just national security issues (like how to cover up a paper trail).
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the so-called "bi-partisan" Sept. 11 commission hearings are just another smokescreen for the Democrats to bash President Bush in the name of national security.  Remember boys and girls: Terrorists and people who hate the USA (like Michael Moore) vote Democrat.  True patriots and people who love the USA vote Republican.  Which side are you going to be on come November?


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