Thursday, July 08, 2004

Idiots "flocking" to see an idiot

The French, always known for their loathing of anything American (except when being liberated by those same Americans), have been "flocking" to Mikey "Mr. Creosote" Moore's film, Farenheit 9/11. This should come as no surprise that the French adore American "idiot" Mikey Moore since they also think that Jerry Lewis was/is a comic "genius". However, not everyone thinks that the sun shines out of Mikey Moore's rear end. Le Monde criticised the film stating that "To affirm ... that it was crowned (in Cannes) for its cinemagraphic qualities is either proof of incompetence, a pure lie or a cynical joke." At least someone has some taste. Mikey also stated in an interview that the film represented "his" version of the facts, which would make the film a work of fiction rather than a documentary.

If you are wondering about how Mikey's version of the "facts", differ from the truth, go to this blog. You can see just how much he stretches the truth to match his distorted world view.


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