Thursday, May 27, 2004

Kerry's four points of surrender

John "War Hero" Kerry has outlined his four points for surrendering US foreign policy and national security to the French. They are:

- New alliances with foreign countries;

We are already a part of NATO, so I guess that means that he wants the US to join the EU so that both the French and the Germans can have veto power over our national security and economy.

- An updated military to meet terrorist threats;

When he was in the Senate, he voted regularly against the weapon systems that were used last year to destroy Saddam Hussein. Now he wants to update the military to undo the years of damge that he did to the military. Maybe he should be blamed for Abu Ghraib.

- The use of diplomacy, intelligence, economic power and "the appeal of our values and ideas" to keep the country safe;

This idea comes straight from the Barney School of Diplomacy ("I love you, you love me"). Throughout history, diplomacy, intelligence, economic power and "the appeal of our values and ideas" have done nothing to prevent wars. What prevents wars is the threat of total and utter destruction being visited on the heads of the attacking parties. All during the Cold War, what kept the US safe was our often articulated willingness to "go nuke" with the Soviet Union if they should have attacked Western Europe. Diplomacy, intelligence, economic power and "the appeal of our values and ideas" did nothing to remove Saddam Hussein from power. It was the might of the US war machine.

- Freedom from dependence on oil from the Middle East.

To be free from Middle East Oil, where is John the War Hero going to go to replace the oil that we are currently consuming? Conservation? That only works to a point, but we will still need to replace all those barrels of Middle Eastern Oil. Can you say Alaska? Oops, Alaska is off-limits to the robber-baron oil companies, ergo, I guess we will still be buying our oil from the Middle East.

As always, John the War Hero offers nice sound bites, but nothing substantial. He wants to "talk the talk", but he can't "walk the walk". Every time he opens his mouth just shows what a train wreck he would be as president. He could even be worse than the biggest idiot of our time, Jimmy Cah-tah. Remember, if you love the US and want the US to stay free, vote for President Bush. A vote for John Kerry is a vote for the destruction of the United States.


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