Monday, May 24, 2004

And I always thought it was a curse.

Gay marriage supporters are really getting desperate to find something good in this debate. Now we are being told that divorce is a benefit of gay marriage. The next thing that I'll read is that AIDS is a "benefit" of sexual relations. To use the "Oprah"-ized language of today, since I'm a "divorce survivor", I never knew that divorce was considered a benefit of marriage. In fact, I always thought that it was one of the worse things to happen in marriage, especially when children are involved, but, I guess I was mistaken. See, the gay marriage debate is good for something. It has taught me that getting bent over and being treated like scum in divorce court is something that every husband/father/man can look forward to and darn it, wouldn't you know, I missed out on the party when it happened to me. Rats!


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