Sunday, January 08, 2006

Screamingly Obvious Media Bias

The Deseret News tries its hand at manufacturing consent.

According to a poll taken this past week, Utahns definitely do not want a tax cut. No siree, not at all. If the poll numbers are to be believed, "nearly half" of all Utahns -- some 48% -- want the Legislature to spend all of Utah's billion-dollar budget surplus on the poor, starvin' teachers.

Well that's nice, but the graphic that accompanies the story shows that in response to the question "How much of a tax cut, if any, do you favor?", some 57% percent say they want tax cuts ranging between $40 million and $230 million. Only 36% said they don't want any type of tax cut and to spend the money on teachers.

The last time I took a statistics class, 57% is a solid majority. And if 57% of Utahns want a tax cut, that means no greater than 43% would oppose such a cut, not 48%. Either the poll numbers have been misreported by the Great, Wise and All-Seeing Editors of the Deseret News, or this is a bad attempt to deliberately distort the issue.

Neither answer would surprise me, frankly.


At 2:51 AM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

Boy, I'm glad that the DesNews is around to tell me that we should give all our budget surplus to the poor, starvin' teachers. That's the way to solve any problem, throw money at it until it fixes itself. Instead of quoting me teacher/student ratios in Utah, how 'bout telling me what the ratio of adminstrators to teachers is. Let's see how many non-teachers are eating at the taxpayers trough and then go from there.


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