Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Even dumber than Republicans

I used to think that Republicans, next to Libertarians, were the dumbest political party in America. Republicans in Congress and the White House (remember "Read my lips"?) would routinely surrender the high ground on an issue in order to please the editorial staff of the New York Times or Washington Post. Despite their obvious policy flaws, the Democrats at least tried to avoid pushing the hot buttons of a majority of Americans, especially during the Clinton years.

Not any more. After reading this and this, I have concluded the Democrats are giving the Republicans a run for their money for the title of Stupidest Political Party. Someone should tell Howard Dean that if he wants to make inroads into Red America, he'd better distance himself from the Liberal Loonies that make up his base.

For those who do not wish to see the Republicans destroy the Democrats in 2006, have no fear: The GOP will find a way to squander any advantage, and thus keep the races competitive.

You can count on it.


At 12:20 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Dear Captain Holly,
I heard today that the Republicans might actually have found a backbone to share amongst themselves! :) It is true. Next week, look for the outcry from the Rats as they shut down the Senate. Why would they do this? Because we are going Constitutional on them! Hehehe. It's about darn time. What did they think? If they caved, the Rats would be nicer? HA! Never. Compromise is not an option.

They have blocked every issue Bush has put forward. It is about time these cowards showed more testicles than I have, and I am a lady! Yes, I still am. That's why I didn't use the other, more familiar, term. I'm just waiting to see it before I believe it, though. President Regean always said, trust but verify! Look for it.


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