Monday, January 24, 2005

A despicable anniversary

32 years ago today, the Supreme Court "found" that the right to abortion was also included in the Bill of Rights, just like the right to bear arms and the freedom of religion. Since that day, millions of unborn children have been killed by their mothers. But, now 32 years later, it looks like the tide may be turning. Many have tried to explain why and the Great El-ahrairah will try to give his thoughts on the subject.

First of all, I do not support abortion, except for the circumstances of incest, rape or health of the mother. For me, abortion is the taking of innocent life and should be outlawed and vigorously enforced in the same way that the loony left want to outlaw and enforce violence against animals, clear cutting forests and using guns to defend yourself.

Many polls have shown that the support for abortion in the US is erroding. More and more people are saying that they no longer feel that abortion should be free and legal and that the practice should be strictly controlled or even outlawed. There are two main reasons for this, 1) the practice of abortion and 2) technology.

1. The practice of abortion. This can be thought of as an example of a population crash when a population is not able to replace itself or grow. When Roe v. Wade was upheld, abortion was strictly controlled and regulated in the US. After Roe v. Wade, women were free to have abortions in the US and as such, many did just that. This had the effect of greatly reducing the amount of supporters of abortion. As each woman (who supported abortion) had an abortion, the unborn child that she was carrying (which she could have raised to be an abortion supporter) was killed, along with any future abortion supporters. The net effect was that the number of abortion supporters had a negative population growth. On the other hand, the population of abortion opponents did not have abortion, and their children were able to grow up and have children, whose children had children and so forth. The net effect was that the number of abortion opponents had a positive population growth. Fast forward to 32 years later and it can be seen to the causal observer that as one population grows and the other declines, there will be more abortion opponents than abortion supporters after a number of years and we are seeing that today. Most abortion supporters are from blue states and do not attend church on a regular basis and most abortion opponents are from red states and attend church on a regular basis. Comparing the 2004 election to the 2000 election, it can be seen that the blue states from 2000 became more "red" and the red states from the 2000 election became more "red" also. Many on the loony left and MSM put down this theory as "wishful thinking", but it does somewhat explain why abortion is loosing support in the US.

2) Technology. When the Supreme Court legalized the killing of unborn children, we did not have the ability to keep a child alive outside the womb that we do now. Back then, if a child was born too many month premature, the child died. We also did not have the ability that we do today to look unside the womb and see the child using ultrasound. Today, using technology, children that are born after 25 weeks (6 months) premature are regularly kept and alive and go home with their parents. Using ultrasound, we can actually see at what point the unborn child starts to develop fingers and toes and facial features. People can see that it is ludicrous to say that before a certain time during the pregnancy, abortion is legal, but one second after that date, it is illegal. Who decides when that time during the pregnancy arrives? With the advance of technology, we are pushing the limits of when actually an unborn child can be born premature and still live. Drawing a line and stating that abortion is legal when done before this week in the pregnancy has no meaning when we are keeping alive premature babies outside of the womb who are not even as old as the abortion time limit.

For these two reasons, the death knell of abortion is sounding in the US. I do not know when it will happen, but it is only a matter of time. Hopefully, it will happen during the next four years, the sooner the better, if not for out society, for the unborn children who are killed every year by their mothers.


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