Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Kyoto Treaty Celebration

The Kyoto Global Warming Pact just came into force (or farce) yesterday and to celebrate, I decided to watch the favorite movie of environ-mental wackos, The Day After Tomorrow. All I have to say is, other than being a load of trash, how did anyone in Hollywood think that this movie would be a blockbuster? It seemed like the film was a bunch of unrelated events, strung together to make a film. One of my favorite "check your brain" moments was when the father tells his son to stay indoors and not good outside because it was too dangerous, and then he decides to travel to New York to save him. Oh well, if the film had been better done, maybe more people would have watched it, but luckily, its message of impending "doom and gloom" was lost due to how bad it sucked.


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